Public Clinics & Lessons


From time to time, Seminar Hosts may want to offer Individual Lessons to people in their area interested in the sport who are unable to participate in the Five Day Intensive Seminars.  The Academy can accommodate such Public Clinic Days based on the following day rates:

Public Clinics can accommodate between 6-8 riders.  Clinic organizers pay Working Equitation Oregon $1600/day.  From this money, Working Equitation Oregon pays Nuno’s day fee, his taxes, and covers the cost of his flights, hotel rooms, and meals.  Nuno will need to have transport provided to/from the airport and hotel/facility each day.

When Public Clinics are scheduled, the hosts can schedule up to a maximum of 8 riders per day, with each rider receiving up to 45 minutes of private one-on-one instruction.  Clinic organizers are responsible for paying Working Equitation Oregon, LLC, in advance for days reserved in Nuno’s schedule and then for collecting payment from those in attendance to cover their costs.

Auditors can attend, but they must pay a minimum of $100 to audit (this is a requirement of the Academy) and reflects the seriousness with which auditors are expected to approach the opportunity to observe the lessons.

Alternatively, in a multi-day public clinic, hosts might schedule one-on-one instruction on Day 1, followed by small group instruction on subsequent day(s).  Please note:  if group instruction is used, riders should be grouped together based on skill level.

Suggested groupings are:

Riders not yet comfortable cantering.
Riders who canter with simple lead changes.
Riders who canter with flying lead changes.

Please note: Nuno prefers to focus his instruction on the person receiving the lesson. He does not provide lecture / commentary for those auditing / not receiving the one-on-one instruction.  Please be sure that people are aware of this in advance.

Hosts are responsible for: 

  • Providing a Facility (and paying any facility rental/insurance if required).
    • Facility should have stallion-safe stabling for students’ horses and should include a clean, safe place for Seminar sessions to take place. At minimum, the following obstacles should be available.  Gate, Slalom, Parallel Slalom, Drums, Figure 8, Retrieve Pole/Skewer Ring/Replace Pole, Bell Corridor, Sidepass Poles.  Please arrange for a person to take photos.
  • Providing Nuno’s accommodations while he is at your location
    • Private, quiet room in a private hotel room or a private guest house where he can relax without being disturbed; wireless access so he can stay connected with people at home, including Pedro.  RVs/living quarter trailers/guest rooms in someone else’s house do not provide sufficient opportunity for Nuno to rest / catch up on work back home in Portugal and are thus not options.
  • Ensuring that Nuno is fed. Nuno is an easy keeper! For breakfast, some toast and a small coffee (black) or espresso is ideal. Lunch can be a sandwich, burrito, etc.  Dinner (steak, hamburger, fish, etc.). Nuno will pay for his breakfast and dinner (and lunch, if the group goes out to eat), but will need to be provided with transportation to get to/from meals if they take place off site.
  • Transporting Nuno to/from airport at the start and end of seminar, and to/from hotel / housing each day.

All payments must be made in full a minimum of one month (30 days) prior to the start of the clinic. Payments should be made to Working Equitation Oregon, LLC and sent via PayPal to or via US Mail:  Working Equitation Oregon, 88442 Fisher Rd., Eugene, OR  97402    

Payments are non-refundable UNLESS we are able to fill your spot. If your spot is able to be filled, your payment will be refunded, less a $25 processing fee.

To apply for the opportunity to host a Public Clinic, please CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.