Apply to be a Student

If you are interested in enrolling in the Pedro Torres Academy of Working Equitation, please first read through all the material on this website to familiarize yourself with the expectations of the school and the structure of our Academy.

Enrolled students should be familiar with all of the obstacles used in Working Equitation. They should know what each of the movements in the Dressage test at their level indicate and should have their Dressage test memorized.

Enrolled students should understand that there are higher expectations for those who officially enroll in the Academy than there are for people who participate in Public Clinics or simply take Private Lessons.

Enrolling in the Academy implies a level of dedication to the sport and the philosophy of training that Pedro Torres and his student Nuno Matos will be sharing that goes beyond taking an occasional lesson.  Enrolled students are committing to practice the lessons they will be taught, to showing progress over time, and to demonstrating a level of professionalism and pride that will reflect positively on the Academy.

If you believe that you are ready to take your Working Equitation training to the next level, please consider submitting an application to the Academy.