Academy Sessions

Three and Five-Day Intensive Seminars are offered to students who have officially been admitted to the Pedro Torres Academy of Working Equitation, U.S.A.  These seminars are hosted in different locations throughout the United States, with the goal of providing regular, in-depth instruction to students serious about progressing in the sport.

Hosts work with the Academy to plan for a successful event, but in the end it is the hosts’ responsibility to create a professional, well-run, and positive experience for those in attendance.

Intensive Seminars are appropriate for both Trainers and Serious Amateurs who can regularly devote at least 4 days per week to furthering their and their horses’ skills.

The expectation is that students who attend Academy Five-Day Intensive Seminars will prepare for and compete in Working Equitation competitions regularly.  When a major competition coincides with one of Nuno’s visits, Nuno will try to be on hand to serve as Coach during the competition.

Students who wish to take advantage of the opportunity to have Nuno provide instruction in the warm-up paddock and participate in the course walks with them must enter his name as ‘coach’ or ‘trainer’ in the appropriate place on the Entry Form for the competition. This enables Nuno to participate fully in the competition in his role as coach/trainer.

In addition, Academy students are expected to reach out to others just learning the sport of working equitation, helping to broaden the reach of the Academy.

2017 Seminar Sites & Dates

April 12-16, South Ridge Farms, Ridgefield, WA

May 10-14,
 Plane View Farms, Erie, CO
May 17-19, Creek Hollow Ranch, Ramona, CA
May 23-28, South Ridge Farms, Ridgefield, WA

August 21-25, Hemet, CA

Click Here to register for the California Seminar

August 27-30, South Ridge Farms, Ridgefield, WA

Click here to register for the Washington Seminar

September 5-8, Tally Ho Farms, Park City, UT
September 9-14, Plane View Farms, Erie, CO


A seminar will not run with fewer than 6 students, and each seminar can accommodate a maximum of 8 students.

Students interested in attending but who do not yet have a horse sufficiently prepared to benefit from the seminar may pay a $400 flat fee to audit an Intensive Seminar.  Note: Only officially enrolled students of the Pedro Torres Academy are allowed to audit Intensive Seminars.  Members of the public can audit during Public Clinic Days, but are not allowed to observe at the Intensives.

$205 per student/horse combo per day (the $5 helps cover the PayPal fees)

If you would like to work with more than one horse, you may sign up for more than one rider spot, if additional riding spots are available.

In addition, students should expect to pay something for their horse’s stabling (stabling costs vary by region, but generally should be $25 – $40 per night).


There are two steps to registering to ride in an Academy Seminar.

Step 1: Fill out the online registration form (there is a different form for each seminar — see the links above).

Step 2: Pay using the online payment ‘Buy Now’ button below or by sending a check, made payable to Working Equitation Oregon, to: PT Academy, 88442 Fisher Rd., Eugene, OR 97402.

# of Days

Hosts are responsible for: 

  • Providing a Facility.
    • Facility should have stallion-safe stabling for students’ horses and should include a clean, safe place for Seminar sessions to take place. At minimum, the following obstacles should be available.  Gate, Slalom, Parallel Slalom, Drums, Figure 8, Retrieve Pole/Skewer Ring/Replace Pole, Bell Corridor, Sidepass Poles.  Please arrange for a person to take photos.
  • Arranging to transport Nuno to/from airport at the start and end of seminar, and to/from hotel each day.
  • Assisting Academy organizer Julie Alonzo with selecting an appropriate hotel for Nuno to stay in during the seminar.
  • Providing Nuno’s lunch at the seminar site each day if the group is not driving somewhere to eat (please do not expect Nuno to be able to pack a lunch, as he will not have transportation to grocery stores, etc.).

Payment in full must be made a minimum of one month (30 days) prior to the start of the seminar. Payments via PayPal will be sent to to

Payments by check should be made payable to Working Equitation Oregon, LLC and sent via via US Mail:  PT Academy, 88442 Fisher Rd., Eugene, OR  97402.

Payments are non-refundable UNLESS we are able to fill your spot. If your spot is able to be filled, your payment will be refunded, less a $25 processing fee.

Intensive Seminar Tentative Schedule

Please pay attention to the time.  10 minutes prior to their scheduled ride time, students should enter the arena and warm up at the walk (spend time working on transitioning between working walk, collected walk, and extended walk, halt/walk transitions, shoulder-in, haunches-in, and rein back.

Please be aware that Nuno may alter the schedule based on the needs of students in attendance.  
Day 1: 

Meet and Greet. Spent a few moments getting to know the other students and Nuno Matos, Head Instructor.

Individual lessons – 50 minutes per student. These lessons will focus on dressage, the foundation for all of Working Equitation.

9:00    Rider 1
10:00  Rider 2
11:00   Rider 3
12:00   Rider 4

Lunch Break

1:15     Rider 5
2:15     Rider 6
3:15     Rider 7
4:15     Rider 8

6:00    Dinner (time to visit)

Days 2-5

Individual lessons OR lessons in pairs (Nuno will decide with the students).  Each student should expect to ride for a minimum of 50 minutes per day.  If you and your horse are in good enough shape to allow for longer riding (Nuno will determine this in cooperation with you), then there may be the opportunity for a morning and an afternoon session, but it has been his experience in prior visits to the United States, that most horses do much better with a single lesson per day.

9:00    First Ride
6:00    Dinner


  • When you are not riding, you should be paying close attention (not visiting / on your phone) and trying hard to learn from the instruction being provided.
  • Photos should be taken by official designated photographers only.
  • Show attire and grooming is expected whenever you are participating in an Academy session.
  • Please plan to arrive the day prior to the start of the seminar and to leave after dinner on the final day (or the following morning).

To apply for the opportunity to host an Academy Session, please CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE ONLINE APPLICATION FORM.