About Us

The Pedro Torres Academy of Working Equitation, U.S.A., is the brain-child of Nuno Matos, a Portuguese trainer and Working Equitation competitor who received his instruction in the methods of teaching working equitation from the great Pedro Torres, undisputed Master Horseman and many-times World Champion in the sport.


Our mission is simple: To prepare Working Equitation trainers and competitors for the world stage, following the teachings of Portuguese master horseman Pedro Torres.

There is a great deal of interest in the sport of Working Equitation in the United States, with many fine horsemen and women embracing the sport as a way to advance their partnership with their horses. After discussing ways to help U.S. equestrians advance in the essay writer, Pedro and Nuno conceived of an approach where they would focus on teaching professional horse trainers and riding instructors as well as committed amateur riders through a formal multi-year program of education, with in-depth, week-long, small group sessions taught by Nuno, in key locations throughout the United States, supplemented by shorter sessions open to the public, co-taught by those enrolled in the trainers’ program and Nuno himself.

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As part of the school, those enrolled in the official trainer program are expected to participate in the weeklong trainer seminars 2-4 times per year, as well as to compete in the major Working Equitation Competitions held in the United States, where Nuno Matos will serve as on-site competition coach.

In addition, students enrolled in the trainer program will be expected to train with Pedro Torres a minimum of one week during the course of their time enrolled in the school (timing and location of this work to be determined on a case-by-case basis, to accommodate people’s schedules / finances).

For more information, please email us at PTAcademyUSA@gmail.com.